February 4, 2023 11:28 am

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State Gas Prices Fall, Again

Credit: iStock

Gas prices in Georgia fell to an average of $3.298 across the state on Thursday, September 8. This dramatic decrease in price means that drivers are paying nearly $6 less to fill up than a month ago.

Georgia’s gas prices echo the rest of the country as gas prices nationwide are at their lowest since March 3.

The most expensive average prices per gallon are in Savannah at $3.414, Brunswick at $3.346, and Atlanta at $3.352. The least expensive average prices per gallon are in Gainesville at $3.121, Warner Robins at $3.108, and Dalton at $3.029.

Savannah Area Unemployment Drops in December

Locally, according to a newly released Bureau of Labor Statistics report released on February 1, the Savannah metropolitan area unemployment rate (not seasonally adjusted) dropped from 2.6 percent in November to 2.5 percent in December.