May 18, 2024 2:42 pm
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Local News

Georgia’s Unemployment Rate Falls Below 3% for the First Time in History

Credit: iStock

For the first time in Georgia history, the state’s unemployment rate fell below 3%. According to Georgia Labor Commissioner, Mark Butler, the June unemployment rate was 2.9%, which was well-below the national average of 3.6%

The figures from the Georgia Department of Labor also show that non-farm jobs rose by more than 18,100 from May to June this year, which brings the total number of jobs to 4,801,800. The sectors that saw the largest increase in jobs were healthcare, social assistance, and technology. 

Butler, excited about Georgia’s progress, said that the unemployment rates and job growth are exactly what should be expected in a strong economy. 

Georgia takes aim at mental health care shortages with new legislation

Georgia is intensifying efforts to tackle its mental health care challenges with new legislation designed to increase the availability of mental health professionals across the state. Representative Sharon Cooper emphasizes the state’s commitment to equalizing access to mental health services, particularly in rural areas, by offering loan repayment incentives to providers working in underserved regions.

Kemp signs bill into law forcing sheriffs to enforce federal immigration law

Gov. Brian Kemp of Georgia signed a contentious new law on May 1, 2024, mandating that law enforcement agencies notify federal authorities about the arrest of undocumented immigrants, with penalties including loss of state funding and criminal charges for non-compliance. Critics argue the law targets Georgia’s Hispanic community disproportionately and contrasts sharply with previous state efforts towards criminal justice reform.