October 5, 2022 6:21 pm

Local News

Again, Georgia Sets New Unemployment Record

Credit: iStock

According to new Bureau of Labor Statistics data, Georgia set a new state record for low unemployment rate in July 2022. This is just one month after Georgia set a record for lowest state unemployment in June at 2.9 percent. 

The state’s unemployment rate was 2.8 percent last month which is 1.1 percent less than last July when unemployment was 3.9 percent. Georgia’s July number is significantly lower than the US unemployment rate of 3.5%. 

In addition to the positive unemployment, Georgia has added over 200,000 new nonfarm jobs since July 2021 which is a 4.7 percent increase. 

Georgia’s unemployment and job numbers are a good sign for the future of its economy.

A Growing Movement for Trauma-Informed Care

Your first heartbreak, accident, loss of a loved-one or being chased by a dog – these and so many other incidents can be lasting traumatic experiences, and mental-health practitioners are working to shift the way traumas of the past are being addressed today.